B) Spicy Breading

B) Spicy Breading

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The world wouldn't be right without a spicy version of the original blend.  

All we've done is taken the Original Blend, made a few easy modifications, and then added some kick!  We've added a series of different pepper blends to give this blend a beautiful bite.

People often ask, how spicy is it?  Well, that's entirely relative.  We describe it as kind of like a best friend:  great to hang out with for a while but when you need your space, the heat will go away.  It isn't designed to ruin your night or your mouth.  You will be able to taste other foods and not frantically search for milk to sooth your burning mouth.  Again, spicy is a personal thing.  Some of you may not find it that spicy and other will find it a bit too hot.  

Want it less spicy?  Try these options:

  • deep fat frying your goodies will tone down the heat a bit
  • buy a bag of Original Blend and add some additional Original Blend to the Spicy Blend to take it down a notch or two.

Want is spicier?  Try these options:

  • pan fry the food in a little oil then bake 
  • double bread your food 
Play around with it and you will find the sweet spot!